Let’s skip the small talk and get down to it. We want you. Too soon?

    Whether you’re a grizzled industry veteran or green on the vine, there’s a membership type perfect for y-o-u.

    Check out our different types of members and see what suits you best. And don’t forget—college kids join for free.

    Membership Types -

    Hey, Kiddo. Two things: networking is the single biggest thing to build your career, and it doesn’t happen on your keyboard. And it’s never too early to start. Ok, that’s three things.

    AAF Student membership comes with loads of perks.

    Not the least of which, it only costs free.99. (That means, it’s free. Duh.)

    Admit it–this would look good on your resume. Not to mention the chance to win some hardware through competitions like the Student ADDY Awards and National Student Advertising Competition. Plus, you’ll gain access to our exclusive job boards.

    Now, fill out our contact form and start working on that eye contact.

    That means you too, Teach.

    College membership applies to teachers and profs too, ya dig.


    What’s up ad stud? I mean, com stud. I mean ad-com stud. Either way, you’re a stud. You work in the industry and you’ve been looking for an excuse to meet some cool, like-minded people and sip some cold beers. Two birds with one stone.


    Not to be confused with ‘the man.’ This membership type is geared towards ad shops, media outlets and companies who get down marketing style.

    The deets: The Corporate membership entitles a company to three full privilege memberships (the three full memberships must be declared) and UNLIMITED associate memberships. In this way a marketing oriented company can afford for all its employees to enjoy the benefits of MAC Membership. All memberships must be renewed by this annual application. Additional full memberships are only $50 each. Your staff can attend MAC functions at the member rate.
    (note: either this is unclear, or I just have no idea what this means. Ok both.)

    Join up and start soaking in the perks.